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1. Movement a. Modes 2. Mining a. Drills b. How to Mine c. Formats of Mining d. Finding minable areas e. Mining Tips 3. Mining World 4. Underground 5. Studios 6. Items a. Ores b. Chests and Gifts c. Studios d. Teleporters e. TNT f. Mining TNT g. Demining TNT h. Ore Scanner i. Diamond Prox Scanner 7. Music
Movement Modes of movement: 1. Hold WASD keys to move in any direction. 2. Click on an empty floor to move to that location. There must be an open path to selected tile or you will not move. 3. Teleporter Used to travel further distances, or skip tiles inbetween. (Teleporters explained further in Items section) 4. Navigator Used to teleport to other people, other people's rooms, or caves.
Mining Drills Available under 'Drills' in the catalogue. There are 4 types of Drills 1. Steel (10 uses) 2. Cobalt (50 uses) 3. Titanium (500 uses) 4. Diamond (1000 uses) The top right of the screen displays the type of drill equipped and amount of uses left for your drill. You cannot unequip a drill once equipped, you will have to consume all uses. How to Mine 1. Fast Method: To mine a block hold the W, A, S, or D key in the direction of the unmined rock. Keep holding the key after you have reached the rock. You will start to see the rock descend as you mine it. 2. Slow Method: Standing next to an unmined rock, click and hold the rock with the left mouse button. You will start to see the rock descend as you mine it. Formats of Mining 1. Single Block precision mining(recommended) Mining each individual block separately - uses up 1 drill bit in the mining world and 5 drill bits in your underground. Useful for mining specific blocks or valuable ores. 2. 3x3 fast mining To 3x3 mine hold Shift while mining a block. Mines a 3x3 area from the block you directly mine into - uses up 2 drill bits in the mining world and 30 drill bits in your underground. If you have less drill bits than needed, you will not be able to use this mode, and will need to single block mine the last of the uses. 3x3 mining clears everything in the area, so you will not recieves possible ores from any blocks except the one you directly mine into. Useful for clearing out areas quickly, but it will destroy any ores that would have been in the 3x3 area except for the block in the center. You can press Shift + Enter to lock mining to 3x3 so you don't have to keep holding Shift. The chat text bar will open so you will need to select Enter again before mining, To return to single block mining press Shift again. Finding minable areas See Mining World. Mining Tips While mining you may encounter a shorter block known as an 'Unbreakable Wall'. You cannot directly mine them, however they can be destroyed if in the area of a 3x3 mine.
Mining World The mining world can be reached at any time by opening the Navigator by pressing N and then clicking the "Open World" tab. This will teleport you to the Town. Then you can follow the arrows on the ground to exit the Town to find unmined areas. The further you walk away from the town, the more likely you are to find unmined areas. Any unmined block is available to any player to mine. It's the wild west out there. However, it's encouraged to be curteous and mindful of other players' areas. When you mine a block the blocks will have a tan shade to them to represent your cave, while other players blocks will appear gray to you. The owners name of the floor you are standing on will always appears at the top of your screen. You cannot pick up items from other players caves or put items down in anyones cave but your own. Unlike the Underground, the Mining World has a limit to how many items you can stack on top of each other. The Mining World is 'infinite' in every direction.
Underground The Underground area is just black, so don't worry this is not a glitch! The Undeground allows for unhindered building and creativity since it does not require you to mine out an area to place studios or items. Placing a ladder anywhere in your Underground World will lead to the public Mining World. Placing a ladder on your floor in the mining world will lead to your personal Underground World. Each individual player has their own Underground. Other players' ladders will lead you to their undergrounds. The mining world is parallel to all underground worlds. So ladders will take you to the same exact coordinates but in a different world. EX: A ladder placed at coordinates (10, 10) in the Mining World will take you to coordinates (10, 10) in the Underground of the player who owns the ladder. Useful for storage of items and building very large areas. The Undeground has virtually no stacking limits so you can stack many items on top of each other. Each players' Undeground is 'infinite' in every direction.
Studios Studios can be bought from the catalog. Pess 'C' to open the catalog, then click the 'Rooms' tab. Once you buy a studio it will appear in your backpack. You can place it like any other item. Once your studio is placed, you can right click on the studio walls to access the Pick up, Move, Sell, and Rotate options. Rotating the studio will enable or disable being able to walk through the bottom portion of your studio. Studio doors are purchased and placed separately. Once you place a door, you can type a room name into the chat. This will enable your room to show up in the Navigator. It is recommended to place your studio in your Underground World since it's fast and free. If you are in the Mining World, you will need to spend a large amount of time and decibels to mine out a large area to fit your studio. Some studio designs are only available through contests.
Items Ores Hovering your cursor over a rock will tell you what type of ore is in the rock or if it's just an 'Unbreakable Wall' or 'Stone'. Blocks with ores will drop small, medium, or large ore onto the newly exposed floor. The size of the ore is random. Right click on the ore to pick up, move, sell, or rotate it. You can sell items directly from the ground or from your bag. Different ores sell for different amounts with Dirt being the cheapest & Diamonds being the most valuable. The size of an ore will effect selling prices as well.
Ore Name Ore Sell Price
Small Dirt pile 1
Medium Dirt pile 2
Large Dirt pile 3
Small Aluminum Ore 11
Medium Aluminum Ore 12
Large Aluminum Ore 13
Small Ruby Ore 14
Medium Ruby Ore 15
Large Ruby Ore 16
Small Sapphire Ore 17
Medium Sapphire Ore 18
Large Sapphire Ore 19
Small Emerald Ore 20
Medium Emerald Ore 21
Large Emerald Ore 22
Small Coal Ore 25
Medium Coal Ore 30
Large Coal Ore 35
Small Quartz Ore 40
Medium Quartz Ore 42
Large Quartz Ore 44
Small Amethyst Ore 46
Medium Amethyst Ore 48
Large Amethyst Ore 50
Small Iron Ore 60
Medium Iron Ore 65
Large Iron Ore 70
Small Silver Ore 75
Medium Silver Ore 85
Large Silver Ore 95
Small Gold Ore 100
Medium Gold Ore 150
Large Gold Ore 200
Small Diamond Ore 5000
Medium Diamond Ore 7500
Large Diamond Ore 10000
Chests and Gifts To open a gift or chest, right click on it in your backpack. You receive a free Gift Box for entering the game every 24 hours. Gift Boxes contain common CaveJam original items. Click here to see Gift Box contents While mining you will find Small and Large chests. Small Chests contain common CS items. Click here to see Small Chest contents Large Chests contain rare CS items which cannot be bought from the catalog. Click here to see Large Chest contents Teleporters Available under 'Fast Travel' in the catalogue 2 types of Teleporters 1. Normal Teleporter When purchased 2 will be placed into your bag. To use put both ends down and specifically walk into the teleporter. They will be linked with eachother so be careful to not confuse them with other pairs you may use. Teleporters can be used at any distance, even if one end is in your underground and the other is not. If you pick up one end and put it down somewhere new, they will still work. Useful to quickly go back and forth from a new area you're mining and your home or another players cave. 2. Sensitive Teleporters Functions the same as Normal teleporters however, if you walk across it at all, even if you didn't specifically select the tile it was on, you will be teleported to the other end. -If the other end of a telepoter isn't placed anywhere the system will propmt: 'This teleport doesn't go anywhere!' You can also teleport to specific players under V-Egos in your navigator and selecting 'Go!' next to their name. TNT Small TNT blows up a 13x13 area in the mining world and a 5x5 area underground. Large TNT blows up a 17x17 area in the mining world and a 9x9 area underground. If you hit yourself with TNT, you will lose 5% of your dB. If you hit someone else with TNT, they will lose 5% of their dB and be teleported to the Town. When you hit a player they will drop gems depending on how many decibels they lost: Lost 255000 dB or more = Giant Gem Lost 30000 dB or more = Large Gem Lost 7500 dB or more = Medium Gem Lost 5000 dB or more = Small Gem Blowing up TNT creates a cave in the mining world and in your undergrounds at the same coordinates. Mining TNT Mining TNT mines a 19x19 area. It does not cause damage to any player. Demining TNT Demining TNT unmines a 19x19 area. Can be rarely found inside naturally formed caves. Can be used on areas in the mining world which contained rare ores to respawn them. Ore scanners are a great way to find out which ore used to be at any location. Demining TNT is the only way to put back rocks in your undeground. It does not unmine the tile directly underneath itself. It does not cause damage to any player. Ore Scanner > Click here to see the mining tools tutorial video. < Ore scanners can be used to find valuable ore which is outside of visual range. 5x Ore Scanner scans 5 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 5 dB. 25x Ore Scanner scans 25 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 25 dB. 250x Ore Scanner scans 250 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 250 dB. The higher the displayed value the better the ore. If the value is over 99 it will be displayed as 99. Tip: Rocks with no ore will display the value 0. 1 gold ore (10) and 1 coal ore (6) will display 16. 1 diamond ore will display 99. 10 gold ore will also display 99. Diamond Prox Scanner > Click here to see the mining tools tutorial video. < The Diamond Prox Scanner scans approximately 500 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes approximately 500 dB. It displays the number of blocks away the nearest diamond is, multplied by 10. If there is no diamond within range it will return 00. Example: If it displays 44, you will find a diamond 440 blocks in the direction of the arrow, unless someone else already mined it. Cave Scanner > Click here to see the mining tools tutorial video. < Cave scanners can be used to find naturally spawned caves outside of visual range. They can be useful if you are looking for items or chests that spawn inside of naturaly formed caves. 5x Cave Scanner scans 5 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 5 dB. 25x Cave Scanner scans 25 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 25 dB. 250x Cave Scanner scans 250 blocks in the direction of the arrow and consumes 250 dB. It displays the number of floor blocks in the direction of the arrow. If there are no floor blocks within range it will return 00.
Music To mix a song you must have a blank CD in your bag. (Found while mining and in Chests) Upload your own song or find another artists track on Soundcloud and copy the weblink. Approach a CC-3001 DELUXE and double click, a window will open with a text bar to paste the link into. You may make multiple copies of your own music, but other artists tracks can only be pressed once. The vinyl can be traded and wont return to a blank CD. To play a song, approach a Record Playor and double click. The system will prompt you to right click a vinyl in your backpack and isnert. Anyone in your view will hear the track, but after it starts if someone new enters they will not hear it.