Logo Silver Chest Contents Silver Chests can be earned by mining!
Silver Chest Contents:
ID Name Description Chance
294Swirl LampSwirl LampIt's spirally!5%
327Fire HydrantFire HydrantThis game is on fire5%
328Cone LampCone LampNarftle the Garthok5%
350LaptopLaptopCaveBook Pro5%
392Pink DuckPink DuckIt's Quackers5%
394ScarecrowScarecrowMade by Tadine5%
397Drum KitDrum KitBa-dum tss!5%
403Yin and yangYin and yangIt takes two to Tao5%
424Swirl PlantSwirl PlantIt's spirally!5%
68EggBotEggBotBeep boop5%
222Lobster LampLobster LampWhat does the lobster say?5%
277Steel MugSteel MugDrink up5%
475Oyster Couch ☾Oyster Couch ☾A Pearl of a Couch5%
477Blue CouchBlue CouchVelveteen pleasure...5%
479Pink CouchPink CouchVelveteen pleasure...5%
481Oyster Couch ☮Oyster Couch ☮A Pearl of a Couch5%
445Marble DogMarble Dog5%