Logo Large Chest Contents Large Chests can be found by mining!
Large Chest Contents:
ID Name Description Chance
457Decompression ChamberDecompression ChamberA rare teleport0.002%
138Gear TableGear TableStudio gear0.003%
93Tire ChairTire ChairTired?0.005%
238Treasure ChestTreasure ChestAvast! Those are me doubloons!0.009%
144Sea Sponge BarrierSea Sponge BarrierForm follows function0.051%
190Diving SuitDiving SuitClimb in and dive deep0.051%
202Molten Magma LampMolten Magma LampHypnotic ever-changing orbs0.086%
369Coral Mood LightCoral Mood LightIlluminate your barrier reef0.103%
203Ocean Floor TableOcean Floor TableSolid, sleek lucidity...0.154%
183Aquatic DividerAquatic DividerGroovy beads - super-stylin' retro0.171%
368Shark PortalShark PortalWatch the sharks circle by0.214%
184Cow Pattern Bean Bag ChairCow Pattern Bean Bag ChairMoo!0.274%
204Lighthouse AquariumLighthouse AquariumHelp your fish find their way0.291%
206Vintage Pinball MachineVintage Pinball MachineTilt!0.291%
245Scrap Metal CarpetScrap Metal CarpetIndustrial leisure0.298%
175Vanilla Gumball MachineVanilla Gumball MachineAssorted flavors0.3%
280Vanilla Pop MachineVanilla Pop Machine0.308%
187Vanilla TableVanilla Table0.31%
194Vanilla ShelfVanilla Shelf0.312%
192Eyeball LampEyeball LampA glimmer in your eye1.868%
283Robot SculptureRobot SculptureStatuesque circuitry1.869%
147Trash CanTrash Can1.886%
290Recycling BinRecycling BinReuse it1.888%
291Oyster CouchOyster CouchA Pearl of a Couch1.893%
395Deluxe AquariumDeluxe AquariumUpscale Accommodations1.893%
386Lighthouse BuoyLighthouse BuoyWatch Out for the Rocks!1.893%
124Red CouchRed CouchVelveteen pleasure...1.893%
150Totem Pole CTotem Pole C3/32.262%
149Totem Pole BTotem Pole B2/32.262%
148Totem Pole ATotem Pole A1/32.262%
367Plasma ScreenPlasma ScreenPanoramic visuals...2.609%
296Comet CurtainComet CurtainCurtain call for a burning comet.2.611%
191Star RugStar RugWalk on fame.2.613%
198CongasCongasBring that beat!2.615%
197Street StylesStreet StylesLead the sportin' life.2.616%
323Rice Paper DividerRice Paper DividerAdd a bit of Zen2.618%
242GongGongSilence is Golden2.62%
241Tatami MatTatami MatLess is More2.621%
409Plasma LampPlasma LampShocking3.495%
405Team wall bannerTeam wall bannerNCAA Poster3.495%
410DJ ConsoleDJ ConsoleClubbin'3.495%
146Vintage AmpVintage AmpVolume Level: 113.495%
193Christmas TreeChristmas TreeDeck the halls3.495%
312Path teePath teeFollow your path3.495%
311Path linePath lineFollow your path3.495%
310Path crossPath crossFollow your path3.495%
309Path cornerPath cornerFollow your path3.495%
308CushionCushionCreature comfort3.495%
180WasherWasherEnhanced gentle cycle3.495%
249Robot DogRobot DogA robot's best friend3.495%
246Gym LockerGym LockerLocker3.495%
201Victorian TableVictorian TableDining elegance3.495%
181DryerDryerTumble dry medium3.495%