Logo Gift Box Contents Gift Boxes can be obtained by entering the game every 24 hours!
Gift Box Contents:
ID Name Description Buy Price Sell Price Chance
105GlobeGlobecanvas to your imagination17505002.1%
257Pop MachinePop MachineDesigned by Mamawolfy15005002.1%
107New Christmas TreeNew Christmas TreeO Christmas tree15005002.1%
94Crazy LampCrazy LampMm-ma-ma15005002.1%
348Small TNTSmall TNTBoom!1500152.1%
86DiceDiceLuck be a lady14505002.1%
275SpinnerSpinnerSpin the Bottle12505002.1%
281Terracotta StatueTerracotta StatueCreated by Unixseb12505002.1%
111Umbrella TableUmbrella TableShady10005002.1%
278Arched LampArched LampSweeping light10005002.1%
44Persian RugPersian RugDig in with your toes7505002.1%
67Vending MachineVending MachineNo decibels?7505002.1%
84FanFanmind blown7505002.1%
92Stone StatueStone Statuewat7505002.1%
366Tree 4Tree 47005002.1%
363Tree 2Tree 27005002.1%
364Tree 1Tree 17005002.1%
365Tree 3Tree 37005002.1%
3Cobalt DrillCobalt DrillGood for 50 uses5501502.1%
90Bar StoolBar StoolDon't fall!5004502.1%
91Bar TableBar TableDrink up5004502.1%
17Ceramic VaseCeramic VaseFancy vase for the fancy people5004502.1%
18Wool CarpetWool CarpetFancy carpet for the fancy people5004502.1%
53Stone ColumnStone ColumnA pillar of architecture5004002.1%
7Wood TableWood TableWoodn't you love to own this?4003502.1%
15Brown ChairBrown ChairLike sitting on a brownie!4003002.1%
10Wood BarrelWood Barrelmacho3503002.1%
13Wood ChestWood ChestWhat treasures await?3503002.1%
272Letter BLetter BB is for Binoculars3002502.1%
273Letter CLetter CC is for Catamaran3002502.1%
11Wood BenchWood BenchSitting > Standing3002502.1%
271Letter ALetter AA is for Anton3002502.1%
229Studio AStudio A2501252.1%
88Large Plastic TableLarge Plastic Tablefine dining2502002.1%
97Plant 2Plant 2Non-edible2502002.1%
330Small GemSmall GemWalk through me!2502502.1%
57Plant 1Plant 1Organic2001002.1%
282GrubGrubDig in!2001502.1%
87Small Plastic TableSmall Plastic Tablefine dining1751252.1%
9Wood StoolWood StoolGive your rump a rest1501002.1%
66New BookshelfNew Bookshelffind paradise1501002.1%
2Steel DrillSteel DrillGood for 10 uses125502.1%
46Iron LampIron LampLet there be light!100502.1%
8Wood CrateWood CrateNot sure if there's anything inside100752.1%
82Plastic ChairPlastic Chairfine dining100752.1%
56CactusCactusDo not embrace100752.1%