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Blank Screen when trying to load the game
When I try to play the game sometimes it will load to 181% or so and then the screen goes black and dose not load anything. Other times when I try to play it does not show a loading bar and just goes to a black screen. This has been going on for a while and I have yet to play the game. Please help

Thank you  Heart
Could you tell me what kind of computer / operating system and browser you're using?
Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Google Chrome and I checked to make sure it is up to date

I was able to login using my account on my phone. So that eliminates account issues/internet issues.

Looks like the game works no internet explorer. I am able to play on IE but not chrome. No idea why
Now I have this issue. The loading bar finishes and I get a black screen with "CAVE JAM Coded by Anton Khakhalin" "Loading coins" in the top left corner, "Connected! Loaded" top center and I can see and type in the chat bar. I've tried the latest Firefox, Chrome and Cyberfox. EDIT: Internet explorer doesn't work either; I can't even get past the loading bar.

Win7 Ultimate 64bit
I am having the same issue ^
I am looking into it now.
Please try loading the game with each one of these links and let me know which links work and which don't.
None worked for me
(02-19-2019, 11:06 PM)jwhitney2209 Wrote: None worked for me
While loading the game in Chrome: Press Ctrl Shift J on Windows or Cmd Option J on Mac.
Is there any red error text? If so, please post all red errors here.
Login issues for new users should now be fixed!

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