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ID Name Quantity Catalog Description
99GrassGrass71603Floors (1 coin)is greener on the other side
45IceIce69375Fast Travel (15 coin)Ice Ice Baby
142Invisible WallInvisible Wall19513Walls (10 coin)Mime-proof
57Plant 1Plant 117736Member (200 coin)Organic
79Tiled WallTiled Wall15825Walls (5 coin)Aren't tiles wonderful?
2Steel DrillSteel Drill12860Drills (125 coin)Good for 10 uses
157MarbleMarble9565Floors (1 coin)
46Iron LampIron Lamp8716Member (100 coin)Let there be light!
3Cobalt DrillCobalt Drill7949Drills (550 coin)Good for 50 uses
60Dark WoodDark Wood6760Floors (1 coin)Dance like nobody's watching
8Wood CrateWood Crate5981Member (100 coin)Not sure if there's anything inside
53Stone ColumnStone Column5377Member (500 coin)A pillar of architecture
4Titanium DrillTitanium Drill5102Drills (5250 coin)Good for 500 uses
159Light WoodLight Wood4757Floors (1 coin)
65StoneStone4081Floors (1 coin)Ingrained with geological memories
75Small TileSmall Tile3661Floors (1 coin)Sedimentary rock
155MotifMotif3512Floors (1 coin)
81Large TileLarge Tile3499Floors (1 coin)Aren't tiles wonderful?
156CarpetCarpet3343Floors (1 coin)
96NestNest3055Member (500 coin)Cozy
5Diamond DrillDiamond Drill2771Drills (10000 coin)Good for 1000 uses
97Plant 2Plant 22628Member (250 coin)Non-edible
136Potted PlantPotted Plant2418Necessities (300 coin)A potted plant brings life to your studio!
186White SeparatorWhite Separator2228Necessities (225 coin)Separator
52Directional IceDirectional Ice2172Fast Travel (20 coin)Ice Ice Baby!
288HazardHazard1821Floors (1 coin)Caution...
305GlassGlass1603Walls (5 coin)
1LadderLadder1269Fast Travel (1 coin)Change the world!
217Tinted SeparatorTinted Separator1228Necessities (600 coin)A screen wall
233Steel SeparatorSteel Separator1201Necessities (225 coin)Separator
276Small ChestSmall Chest1130Limited Time (2000 coin)Take what you can, give nothing back
151TeleporterTeleporter1051Fast Travel (1500 coin)A teleport
115CC-3001 DELUXECC-3001 DELUXE976Studio Essentials (2 coin)Five Slot Mixer CD Burner Device
51Sensitive TeleporterSensitive Teleporter738Fast Travel (50 coin)Anytime, anyplace
7Wood TableWood Table725Member (400 coin)Woodn't you love to own this?
396StairsStairs701Walls (15 coin)
185CCCC601Pop Collection (2500 coin)CC Couch
215TVTV593Studio Essentials (575 coin)State of the art TV
229Studio AStudio A579Rooms (250 coin)
401Tall WallTall Wall547Walls (5 coin)
66New BookshelfNew Bookshelf513Member (150 coin)find paradise
9Wood StoolWood Stool453Member (150 coin)Give your rump a rest
352Studio DoorStudio Door429Rooms (25 coin)
103SunflowerSunflower406Member (250 coin)Helianthus
300London ViewLondon View387Rooms (400 coin)
188Pop ChairPop Chair380Pop Collection (650 coin)Leather Chair
209Instant BookshelfInstant Bookshelf363Dormitory (500 coin)Read and Learn
10Wood BarrelWood Barrel356Member (350 coin)macho
220Straw MatStraw Mat355Necessities (350 coin)Down home style
251Dance FloorDance Floor339Necessities (650 coin)Perfect for dancing
122Premier MinibarPremier Minibar339Premiere (500 coin)Thirsty?
250AquariumAquarium323Necessities (1000 coin)Careful! He bites!
240Polar BearPolar Bear321Pop Collection (800 coin)A Cool Polar Bear on a Stand
145TulipTulip315Necessities (75 coin)A flower vase
158MarquetryMarquetry314Floors (1 coin)
293Large ChestLarge Chest303Limited Time (15000 coin)Take what you can, give nothing back
278Arched LampArched Lamp295Member (1000 coin)Sweeping light
44Persian RugPersian Rug280Member (750 coin)Dig in with your toes
219SpikesSpikes268Functions (20 coin)Timing is everything
139Psychedelic CarpetPsychedelic Carpet241Necessities (400 coin)So swirly
281Terracotta StatueTerracotta Statue236Member (1250 coin)Created by Unixseb
236Blue SeparatorBlue Separator234Necessities (225 coin)Separator
1335001 Cube Light5001 Cube Light2315001 Collection (450 coin)Decorative and functional
90Bar StoolBar Stool224Member (500 coin)Don't fall!
11Wood BenchWood Bench220Member (300 coin)Sitting > Standing
334Short SpikesShort Spikes215Walls (5 coin)
221Furry RugFurry Rug214Necessities (300 coin)Great for bare feet
18Wool CarpetWool Carpet210Member (500 coin)Fancy carpet for the fancy people
137BookshelfBookshelf209Necessities (650 coin)Broaden your horizons
195Funky ChairFunky Chair202Dormitory (450 coin)Orange Leisure
56CactusCactus195Member (100 coin)Do not embrace
196Stylish CouchStylish Couch193Dormitory (625 coin)Relax
117Premier Coffee TablePremier Coffee Table186Premiere (450 coin)A place to set your drinks
94Crazy LampCrazy Lamp185Member (1500 coin)Mm-ma-ma
118Premier StoolPremier Stool184Premiere (450 coin)Premier comfort
235Green SeparatorGreen Separator167Necessities (225 coin)Separator
231Grey SeparatorGrey Separator162Necessities (225 coin)Separator
349Large TNTLarge TNT153Drills (5000 coin)Boom!
234Orange SeparatorOrange Separator153Necessities (225 coin)Separator
408Studio BottomStudio Bottom147Walls (10 coin)
92Stone StatueStone Statue146Member (750 coin)wat
232Yellow SeparatorYellow Separator144Necessities (225 coin)Separator
218Corner PieceCorner Piece143Necessities (400 coin)Connect your separators
86DiceDice132Functions (1450 coin)Luck be a lady
119Premier SofaPremier Sofa126Premiere (625 coin)Premier comfort for two
84FanFan126Member (750 coin)mind blown
230Beige SeparatorBeige Separator119Necessities (225 coin)Separator
91Bar TableBar Table118Member (500 coin)Drink up
239ElevatorElevator118Fast Travel (25 coin)Elevate your cave's accessibility
260Diner TableDiner Table114Necessities (500 coin)
213Wooden SpeakerWooden Speaker114Studio Essentials (450 coin)Amplify!
261Disco LightsDisco Lights111Necessities (2500 coin)Disco fever!
391Rubber DuckRubber Duck107Member (50 coin)It's Quackers
114Mining PortalMining Portal105Fast Travel (25 coin)Teleport to a minable area!
112One WayOne Way104Functions (10 coin)Only one way to go!
13Wood ChestWood Chest103Member (350 coin)What treasures await?
252Leopard CouchLeopard Couch101Necessities (750 coin)Fake leopard - really comfy
1295001 Coffee Table5001 Coffee Table985001 Collection (450 coin)5001 Series Coffee Table
351Tiled Studio WallTiled Studio Wall97Walls (5 coin)
330Small GemSmall Gem94Exchange (250 coin)Walk through me!
67Vending MachineVending Machine93Member (750 coin)No decibels?
243ArrowArrow91Member (10 coin)This way!
269CD PlayerCD Player90Pop Collection (450 coin)Pop CD player
107New Christmas TreeNew Christmas Tree89Member (1500 coin)O Christmas tree
121Premier TablePremier Table85Premiere (950 coin)A place to gather
211Equipment RackEquipment Rack85Studio Essentials (450 coin)Rack full of gear
268MinibarMinibar82Pop Collection (950 coin)Retro Soda Vending Machine
1285001 Sofa5001 Sofa805001 Collection (625 coin)Relax
120Premier LightPremier Light78Premiere (450 coin)Light
257Pop MachinePop Machine78Necessities (1500 coin)Designed by Mamawolfy
413HexagonsHexagons76Walls (5 coin)
17Ceramic VaseCeramic Vase76Member (500 coin)Fancy vase for the fancy people
200Futuristic ChairFuturistic Chair75Necessities (450 coin)Way out there
105GlobeGlobe74Member (1750 coin)canvas to your imagination
1325001 Minibar5001 Minibar735001 Collection (500 coin)Thirsty?
6Sensitive Floor TextSensitive Floor Text72Functions (20 coin)Displays text when stepped over
270Lava LampLava Lamp71Pop Collection (950 coin)Hot Lava
111Umbrella TableUmbrella Table70Member (1000 coin)Shady
248Pop CoolerPop Cooler69Pop Collection (200 coin)Cool Case
214MicrophoneMicrophone68Studio Essentials (100 coin)Step up to the mic
258JukeboxJukebox67Necessities (1500 coin)Vintage jukebox
143CablesCables66Studio Essentials (50 coin)A pile of cables
302Sydney ViewSydney View66Rooms (400 coin)
212Sampler RackSampler Rack66Studio Essentials (900 coin)Retro style
348Small TNTSmall TNT64Drills (2500 coin)Boom!
364Tree 1Tree 163Member (700 coin)
282GrubGrub61Member (200 coin)Dig in!
363Tree 2Tree 261Member (700 coin)
365Tree 3Tree 359Member (700 coin)
123Premier StereoPremier Stereo59Premiere (500 coin)Play your mixes!
210Dorm LightDorm Light57Dormitory (450 coin)Mass-produced Light
189Instant TableInstant Table56Dormitory (625 coin)Unbreakable
255Messy TableMessy Table54Necessities (500 coin)Are you EVER gonna clean that up?
1255001 Chair5001 Chair545001 Collection (500 coin)Have a seat
366Tree 4Tree 454Member (700 coin)
207Old FridgeOld Fridge51Dormitory (450 coin)Old Fridge - Cool Drinks
116Premier ChairPremier Chair51Premiere (500 coin)Premier comfort
316BassBass49Walls (225 coin)A Red Bass
216Retro SpeakerRetro Speaker48Studio Essentials (650 coin)A hi-fi speaker
259Diner SeatingDiner Seating47Necessities (500 coin)
307Surf BoardSurf Board45Dormitory (625 coin)Ride the waves
318Acoustic FoamAcoustic Foam45Walls (225 coin)The neighbors won't complain now
297Beach ViewBeach View45Rooms (400 coin)Watch the crashing waves
1305001 Table5001 Table445001 Collection (950 coin)5001 Series Large Table
298Winter ViewWinter View44Rooms (400 coin)Brrr!
265Kitchen CabinetKitchen Cabinet43Necessities (500 coin)Slice 'n dice
315GuitarGuitar43Walls (225 coin)A Blue Guitar
317TrumpetTrumpet41Walls (225 coin)Trumpet In a Frame
1265001 Stool5001 Stool395001 Collection (450 coin)Take a load off
275SpinnerSpinner38Functions (1250 coin)Spin the Bottle
82Plastic ChairPlastic Chair37Member (100 coin)fine dining
208Boom BoxBoom Box37Dormitory (450 coin)Retro Beats
299City ViewCity View36Rooms (400 coin)A view from the top
264Kitchen SinkKitchen Sink35Necessities (750 coin)Clean it up!
254Grunge CouchGrunge Couch35Necessities (625 coin)Messy as ever
1315001 Sound System5001 Sound System355001 Collection (500 coin)Play your mixes!
320Disco PosterDisco Poster32Walls (225 coin)Boogie down
253Zebra CouchZebra Couch32Necessities (750 coin)Stylish zebra couch for a touch of class
303Rio ViewRio View31Rooms (400 coin)
170ShackShack30Walls (5 coin)
263OvenOven27Necessities (950 coin)Cook it up!
178Classic BricksClassic Bricks26Walls (5 coin)
273Letter CLetter C26Member (300 coin)C is for Catamaran
272Letter BLetter B24Member (300 coin)B is for Binoculars
256Messy BoxMessy Box24Necessities (250 coin)All your dirty stuff in one messy box
271Letter ALetter A24Member (300 coin)A is for Anton
301Seattle ViewSeattle View24Rooms (400 coin)
375Grey Traffic LightGrey Traffic Light23Necessities (625 coin)Go go go!
262RefrigeratorRefrigerator20Necessities (1050 coin)Ice cold soda inside!
321Tropical PosterTropical Poster20Walls (225 coin)Wish you were here!
373Spider WebSpider Web20Necessities (200 coin)Step into my parlor...
332Large GemLarge Gem19Exchange (25000 coin)Walk through me!
337SignSign19Functions (20 coin)Click to read.
371Lawn ChairLawn Chair18Necessities (200 coin)Have a seat!
411BambooBamboo18Walls (5 coin)
407Studio Wall EdgeStudio Wall Edge18Walls (10 coin)
331Medium GemMedium Gem17Exchange (2500 coin)Walk through me!
266FireplaceFireplace17Necessities (650 coin)A cozy fire
322Top 40 ChartTop 40 Chart16Walls (500 coin)Leaderboard
333Floor TextFloor Text15Functions (20 coin)Displays text when stepped on
319Retro KeyboardRetro Keyboard14Walls (225 coin)Retro Keyboard
182Acoustic PadAcoustic Pad14Necessities (450 coin)So the neighbors won't complain
15Brown ChairBrown Chair13Member (400 coin)Like sitting on a brownie!
415WoodWood12Walls (5 coin)
335Invisible ElevatorInvisible Elevator12Fast Travel (25 coin)
370Retro TVRetro TV12Necessities (500 coin)Second-hand treasure
377Infinite JukeboxInfinite Jukebox10Necessities (600 coin)Infinite Jukebox Docking Station
414ShatteredShattered10Walls (5 coin)
412Pattern 1Pattern 110Walls (5 coin)
400Stone WallStone Wall9Walls (5 coin)
339Number 1Number 18Member (10 coin)
372Black Traffic LightBlack Traffic Light8Necessities (625 coin)Go go go!
87Small Plastic TableSmall Plastic Table7Member (175 coin)fine dining
340Number 2Number 26Member (10 coin)
374CurtainCurtain5Necessities (250 coin)Privacy from nosy neighbors
376Heart PosterHeart Poster5Necessities (100 coin)Spread the love!
329Start / FinishStart / Finish4Member (25 coin)
88Large Plastic TableLarge Plastic Table4Member (250 coin)fine dining
342Number 4Number 44Member (10 coin)
344Number 6Number 63Member (10 coin)
341Number 3Number 33Member (10 coin)
338Number 0Number 03Member (10 coin)
343Number 5Number 53Member (10 coin)
267Entertainment CenterEntertainment Center3Necessities (600 coin)Enjoy the show!
346Number 8Number 81Member (10 coin)
345Number 7Number 71Member (10 coin)
347Number 9Number 91Member (10 coin)
417250x Ore Scanner250x Ore Scanner1Drills (500000 coin)Adds all ore values (250 range)